1. Take A Flight

From the recording Songs In The Key of Love

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Take A Flight, takes you on a beautiful musical metaphysical journey to bring forth Awareness that RAISING YOUR LOVE FREQUENCY on a continuous basis allows ones consciousness to expand to the limitless levels of love and above. Then, THE MIND IS TRULY FREE from the cares of this world.

Here's a little side note for ya!

While in the recording studio for the new version, Anita asked the engineer to confirm the HZ. It was then discovered that when Anita first composed Take A Flight in 1980, it was then and still is now in the 538hz frequency, that is said to be the frequency of LOVE!! How cool is that.

Take A Flight©️2016,2020 is a revised version of the original song released on Anita's 1989 album YOU ARE MY JOY©️1989. Both versions including the music, lyrics, lead & background vocals, & co-produced by Anita BeSong.

Enjoy this snippet of this beautifully written song! Featuring Mart Avant and the Tuscaloosa Horns. Produced & Arranged by Byron Thomas.